TEXAS FASHION WEEK™  is an annual event hosted by the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative (TFII), a non-profit organization (501c3) dedicated to the growth and development of fashion in Texas. As proclaimed by Mayor Ron Nirenberg, San Antonio serves as the home base for TXFW™ and seeks to highlight emerging artists and designers all across Texas.



Backed by six years of research and data, Texas now has a strong advocating organization for the fashion arts. Founded in 2018 and launched in January of 2019, The Texas Fashion Industry Initiative 501c3 is the state’s official non-profit dedicated to the positive growth of the Texas fashion industry through fashion career development or support for fashion entrepreneurs. Founded by strong leaders within the fashion industry and headquartered in Downtown San Antonio, Texas, TFII serves by bridging Texas fashion communities together, educating entrepreneurs, creating jobs, showcasing fashion artists, and by drawing global attention to the Texas fashion scene through the our fashion industry news outlet. TFII is also the founder of TEXAS FASHION WEEK™, the state’s first official fashion week in support of stronger industry. This has not only received attention and acclaim from local political leaders, but it has also gained the attention of the CFDA, the nation’s most prestigious and foremost authority in advocating for the American fashion industry. As the founding members of CFDA Connects, an innovative new program by the CFDA, TFII is able to offer its members, students, and fashion week participants access to professional New York fashion industry resources and provide ongoing support that opens doors for the Texas fashion community, while retaining our talent at home. Through this unique partnership, TFII is now taking opportunity for its community to new heights and striving to make a difference in every fashion artist’s career, and ultimately their lives.

100% of the funds TFII receives goes directly back to the local fashion community through its programming. By providing powerful annual events like TEXAS FASHION WEEK™, outlets for global exposure, education for professional growth, and other strong advocacy programs, TFII leads the way for innovation and creates supportive outlets for the local industry on a global scale. 

TFII also strives to award grants and scholarships to deserving fashion community and aspiring students. They do this in order to ignite inspiration and retain talent while connecting its unique fashion culture to a network of professionals and patrons statewide, nationally, and globally. 

Texas houses world-class fashion talent, dedicated entrepreneurs and fresh perspectives from newly graduated fashion students and TFII creates a culture in which these talents can feel confident in headquartering in Texas, working globally, and contributing to the economic development of its area through the industry of fashion. Through its efforts, TFII acts as ambassadors locally, a bridge statewide, a resource globally, and is dedicated to a mission beyond itself for Texas fashion and its professionals. 

Backed by five years of research before launching the concept, TFII identified four major areas in need of advocacy:

  • A sense of community
  • business education
  • events to showcase talent
  • and global awareness promoting our talent.

TFII has now created a signature cycle that serves all these areas, every year. Scroll down to get to know more.



Our TFII Cycle of Advocacy begins with Education. In 2020, we launched the Silver Jacket Entrepreneur Program, the first of three educational opportunities that will become signature to TFII. No rebranded as the TFII Entrepreneur Cohort program, the 12-week curriculum offers business education for entry level fashion businesses or struggling entrepreneurs who excel creatively but struggle with business knowledge. Together with our business accelerator partners, the Cohorts now have the power to gain business knowledge relevant to their industry, exclusive resources from an elite network and continued support all year long as they work their way up to their big business-breakout moment at TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ in the Fall.


TFII's Cycle of Advocacy in founded in this department. All year long, this department bring Texas fashion to the world becoming Texas’ leading resource for High Fashion & Texas Fashion Industry News. Since 2010 this platform has pioneered fashion community news parallel to high fashion content, elevating everyone and anyone featured within its platform. Texas fashion professionals & TFII Members are regularly featured on this platform and Cohorts work closely with them in order to learn how to approach media professionally so as to encourage global relationships with media outlets of all kinds throughout the world. This department sets the strong foundation for our mission as it leads the way, staying on the pulse of high fashion news and the best Texas fashion has to offer.


The culmination of TFII's Cycle of Advocacy leads up to TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ in the Fall. TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ is the state's official fashion week in support of Industry! This is our Arts & Culture Department's main event for the year and offers a platform for professionals to network, showcase, and be scouted. Occurring in October, TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ also educates the public about fashion artistry and trending factors within the world of fashion creativity. It also serves as home to the growing Texas Fashion Industry Convention™, a trade show in which Texas fashion industry professionals fly in, network, share local resources and build a better ecosystem for fashion industry in Texas together. Along with this large scale event, the Arts & Culture Department also hosts smaller power-events throughout the year. TFII always closes the year with this large scale event and soon after, applications for the Silver Jacket Entrepreneur Program & TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ go live once again, beginning our Cycle of Advocacy in preparation for the next year.


In response to our fashion professionals communicating their desire for "community", we have designed our TFII Membership. TFII is for anyone who wishes to become a leader for Texas fashion industry advocacy. There are levels of membership for seasoned as well as entry level fashion industry community. TFII also has membership levels for those who but don't necessarily work in fashion but desire quality networking with the best in Texas fashion. Together, as a TFII Community, we act as ambassadors for our fashion talent locally, bridge a network statewide, share our community globally and are dedicated to a mission beyond ourselves.



President & Departments Manager

Jeanelly has an M.S. in Natural Resource Conservation & Managment and as  president she offers her expertise in sustainability and eco-friendly fashion while taking on multiple duties and tasks with the Board. Originally from New York City, the Dominican-American sustainable fashion advocate lived in Puerto Rico for over 22 years before relocating to Texas. She now enjoys a highly successful Creative Content career at TheFashionLotus.com. She is a Texas influencer and has been a freelance fashion contributor and Style Editor for Style Lush TV for several years. She believes in empowering people through conscious fashion and helping them feel beautiful no matter what their financial situation, body shape, age or where they live or work.


Vice-President &TXFW Executive Producer

Saige Thomas is a Texas-based fashion photographer and fashion show producer who has worked as the in-house photographer for Style Lush TV since 2019. Originally from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Saige moved to San Antonio in 2010 while she served active duty in the United States Air Force. During her time in the military, Saige completed a medical mission in the Dominican Republic and completed a tour in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. Saige retired from the military in 2021, leaving with 3 medals, several awards, and a Green Belt Process Improvement certification. Saige is a TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ founding member & served as the first executive producer. Saige aspires to contribute to the growth of San Antonio through her art, advocacy, and volunteerism as Vice-President elect for the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative 501c3.


Secretary & Events Coordinator

Kaia is a Professional and Founding Member of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative, and Texas Fashion Week since 2018 lending her knowledge in online fashion media, styling, and backstage management. A fashion and music entrepreneur who is local at heart with an international outlook, Kaia Dublin is a fashion creative director and entertainer of her own personal brand, KAIA DUBLIN, where she curates savvy, sexy and sophisticated looks through her fashion apparel, while entertaining her followers with her premier DJ music services. Kaia also has a passion and educational background in the Behavior Health field in which she advocates and creates inclusion programs for Autism and developmental delayed children as the President of One Love Children’s Foundation since 2019. With her growing knowledge in the fashion industry and her passion and experience with fundraising and event planning at her own non-profit, she has most recently accepted the Secretarial position for the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative 501c3 serving the Texas Fashion community.