TFII General Elections

Please take a moment to review the new to TFII Candidates Resumes and application statements and vote in all categories. There are 2 openings for the General Board Members so both nominees are elegible to be voted in. Thank you

I have worked in a financial management capacity for over 20 years, successfully managing a local San Antonio non-profit and leading the team in revenue growth. I know accounting and finance and from a strictly professional standpoint, I believe my experience very well matches the duties outlined for this role. More so, I am a great lover of the arts, in all its forms and would love the opportunity to assist in TFII’s growth. I have supported TFII since learning of its existence and believe that my professional experience, my passion and perspective may be useful to its growth and success.

Statement – Nichelle
With a wealth of knowledge in community organization and philanthropy, fashion show production, and membership background, I feel I’d be an asset to the TFII.

As a local designer, I am committed to growing my brand and the fashion community within Texas and beyond. In addition, I have almost a decade of experience working in public relations/marketing, and I would be extremely motivated to apply my learnings to carry out the mission of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative.

Based on my professional journey and dedication to both nonprofit and the fashion sectors, I firmly believe that I could bring a unique perspective, experience, and passion to the board. Here’s why I consider myself a valuable candidate for this board position:

Extensive Nonprofit Leadership Experience: I am no stranger to the inner workings and challenges of a nonprofit organization. My tenure as the Founder, CEO, and Board President of the Saint City Culinary Foundation has provided me with a comprehensive grasp of the sector. Further strengthening my nonprofit background, I am an active board member for SafeBars. Over six years with Saint City, I have cultivated skills and hands-on experience in critical areas such as fundraising, event planning, and grant writing. This deep-rooted understanding would ensure that I can contribute meaningfully to the board’s discussions and decisions.

Passion and Expertise in Fashion: The fashion industry hasn’t just a past profession for me—it’s been a passion. With seven years under my belt in visual marketing, I’ve had the privilege to work for renowned brands like Coach and Gap Inc. The experience offered me a unique lens through which I view the intersection of fashion, marketing, and consumer engagement. I am confident that this perspective can be invaluable in shaping the future direction of TFII.

Dedication to the San Antonio Community: My commitment to the San Antonio community is unwavering. I believe in the potential of this vibrant community, and my goal is to ensure its care and vitalization. Being a part of the TFII Board of Directors would amplify my ability to make a lasting impact on San Antonio, marrying my professional expertise with my heartfelt commitment to the community.

I am an advocate for marginalized voices in all arts, but especially fashion. As the creator of CFDA Connects, I have continued to extend my mission to serve markets and communities across the industry by providing pathways to access, opportunity, and empowerment. I am excited to bring my expertise and experience and contribute to the strength & amplification of the goals, mission, and purpose of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative.