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Applications Are Now Open For 2023!

is a proud supporter of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative and its programming,
helping to make a difference for our fashion industry and its professionals.

“I’ve got the creativity down, I just need help with the business side of things.”

This is something we’ve heard countless times and so we created the TFII Entrepreneur Cohort Program, formerly known as the Silver Jacket Entrepreneur Program. This program is an innovative, first-of-its-kind, two-year program with proven results towards success. Consisting of both a 12-week launch and an 8-week accelerator cohort, the TFII Entrepreneur Cohort Program is designed to take a recent fashion student, brand new fashion business, or struggling fashion entrepreneur from their fashion business concept to a strong fashion business reality!  The first 12-week launch curriculum walks fashion artists, students and entrepreneurs through the many steps it takes to create a solid foundation before launching your business. It offers continued support and opportunity through your first year of business and then, an optional accelerator education in the Fall or the following year, that ultimately showcases you at TEXAS FASHION WEEK™, the TEXAS FASHION INDUSTRY AWARDS™ and connects you with a network from New York’s professional fashion industry with the iconic CFDA! 

Session 1: Intro to your Business Plan I

A real business plan is vital to the success of any business. In this session, you will start the process with the pros.

Session 2: Your Business Plan II

In this session you will continue to familiarize with a real business plan and begin fleshing out long term goals.

SESSION 3: Branding & Marketing

What is your promise to your customer? You will focus on designing your branding and marketing strategies.

SESSION 4: Legal Education

Learn the legal considerations you need to think about in relation to your new business and business structure.

SESSION 5: Your Products & Services

Identify your fashion products or services and learn how to maintain costs and price accordingly.

SESSION 6: Graphic Design Basics

Never wait on a favor again. You will learn graphic design basics that entrepreneurs can use everyday.

SESSION 7: Intro to your website

Learn how to strengthen your promotion, and sales while standing out from your competition. Begin designing a website.

SESSION 8: Continuing your website

Continue designing your website with the aid of professionals who are in the fashion industry field.

SESSION 9: Your accounting system

We introduce and teach you how to use the best tool for maintaining all your business accounting needs.

SESSION 10: Be your own PR Department

Learn how to write a press release and gain a media email list to start sending all your press releases to.

SESSION 11: One on One Sessions

Get extra time to deep dive in perfecting your business plan and prepare for your Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting.

SESSION 12: Launch Certificate Ceremony

Come celebrate at the TFII Entrepreneur Cohort Program Certificate Ceremony!

is a proud supporter of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative and this programming,
helping to make a difference for our fashion industry and its professionals.


2023 dates: April 4th-June 27th

Pricing involved in the two-year program

The TFII Entrepreneur Cohort Program is a two-year program containing a Launch Year, then an Accelerator Year. You must complete the Launch Portion of the program or meet all standards of the Launch Portion of the program to qualify for the Accelerator Portion. Payment options are available. Everyone is welcome to apply.



payments accepted



payments accepted

Frequently asked questions

This program was designed for fashion artists and entrepreneurs who have already created tangible fashion apparel or have fashion product available. It serves these individuals with the business education needed to take their creative efforts to the next level. Good candidates for this program include:

  • newly graduated fashion students
  • someone starting a brand new fashion business with a product ready to go
  • a current struggling fashion entrepreneur with product ready to go.

This program is not a fashion education program. People who will not qualify for this program include:

  • Those who do not have a fashion product that they already make or can offer to the public
  • Aspiring fashion designers who have not gone to fashion design school first

(Want information on fashion design schools? Contact Us. We can lead you in the right direction.)

Yes. You will need a reliable laptop. An external hard drive is recommended but not mandatory.

12 consecutive weeks (11 sessions & 1 certificate ceremony)

The program sessions begin April 4th and run until June 27th. 

The program sessions are held on Tuesdays, 6:00-8pm CST

Sessions are taught by industry leaders and professionals who have either succeeded in business themselves or work with entrepreneurs regularly to improve operations and growth. Guest speakers who work directly in the local fashion industry are also participants are excited to become a part of your network of support.

In an effort to provide quality attention to our launching businesses, we only offer five available slots in the annual program.

Yes. There is a $50 non-refundable application fee. 

The launch portion consists of 12 sessions and costs $850. A $250 initial is required to hold your slot once you are awarded an opportunity to become a 2023 TFII Entrepreneur Cohort. Payment Options are available for your balance. We want you to succeed. 

There may be additional costs involved with your website, accounting system, and graphic design software should you wish to upgrade from the given format included with this program. 

The Accelerator Program is a separate program with its own cost.

Yes. Criteria to take our Accelerator portion includes the mastery of the Launch portion skills. If you have successfully launched your business and are looking to grow, your application will be evaluated by our Education Department to consider you as a participant of the Accelerator Program upon meeting criteria.

  • With the Launch portion of the program, it is vital to understand that this is launch program revolves around strengthening or building your business plan and acquiring familiarity with tangible skills.
  • Each week the Zoom sessions will build off the previous week’s homework.
  • Mandatory Zoom sessions are 2 to 2 1/2 hours a week with co-facilitators.
  • Mandatory Homework will require up to 15 hours per week, on your own, outside of the sessions. Not coming to our sessions with homework completed will result in the Silver Jacket Entrepreneur falling behind.
  • It is important that the participant, their family, and/or their personal network of loved ones understand and support that they will be dedicated to their future and be attend all sessions, completing up to 15 hours of homework a week, attending their certificate ceremony and be involved in their grand opening and/or ribbon cutting ceremony of their business upon completion of the launch portion of this program.
  • It is also important to understand that if the participant reaches qualifying levels of criteria, that they will be qualified to take the Accelerator Program, then eventually, showcase at TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ in which there is yet another dedicated time period involved to prepare for the big week.
  • It is also important to understand that if the participant reaches qualifying levels of criteria, they will be draped with their Silver Jacket at the TEXAS FASHION AWARDS™ in their qualifying year in October and will be asked to join the celebration as a VIP attendee.
  • Being featured in TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ and TEXAS FASHION AWARDS™ is contingent upon the participants ability to hit all required criteria first.

Want even more details and info? Contact Us.

past participants

These Texas-based entrepreneurs have successfully completed the Launch portion of the TFII Entrepreneur Program. Follow their businesses to support Texas fashion industry.


Owner of ELSEWEAR Cosmetics & TFII Entrepreneur

area of success

Makeup Cosmetics Line Entrepreneur

Veronica Rodriguez

Fashion Designer & TFII Entrepreneur

area of success

Women's Ready-To-Wear


Fashion Designer & TFII Entrepreneur

area of success

Fashion Design

Shelby Hilliard

Fashion Designer & TFII Entrepreneur

area of success

Petite Ready-To-Wear Womenswear

Daniel Hinojos

Fashion Designer & TFII Entrepreneur

area of success

Fashion Design

Rosalinda de la Cruz

Fashion Designer & TFII Entrepreneur

area of success

Swimwear Design


my business has increased capacity by 200%. All the tools supplied through the TFII program allowed me to feel confident in my creativity and business, which is extremely crucial during this time of COVID-19. I am fortunate to say that my business is still standing and thriving.

I have never been so excited to be a business owner. It is without a doubt the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative has changed not only my business, but also my perception of entrepreneurship. With the growth of my business, I am now able to give back to the community that has given a lot to ELSEWEAR Cosmetics.”

Millie Monreal


would otherwise take us years to learn. Essential skills such as financial management, marketing and sales, networking, planning, graphic design, all necessary to run a small business profitably.

In comparison, I can honestly say through the program, I have come much further in business planning than my colleagues present and past. I am being given all the necessary tools I need to start a successful business and the backing I need to continue to grow. Operating a small business takes more than passion and determination. We need the technical expertise and solutions to flourish and this program provides just that.

Not only do we gain the skills we need to start our careers, but through the program,  we also build a support system from locally owned business owners who are happy to continually offer advice to us entrepreneurs in order to be successful.  All valuable resources, under a different circumstance, would cost us very high consultation fees and services.

Fashion design is a very competitive field. It is time consuming and expensive, especially when you have no support or little to no experience. Being accepted into the TFII Silver Jacket Program has enabled me to have full access to an organization with a vast wealth of talented and successful business owners. For someone like me, who is just starting to build her career, who before would have probably had to move to another city to grow as a professional, I cannot express how beneficial this is to me and my future career.”

Veronica Rodriguez

FASHION DESIGNER, 2020 Participant

through this program I gained tangible skills that are directly applicable to my fashion business from the ground up. With the guidance of TFII, I produced a well thought out business plan for Shabouli Designs which has been an asset in my business journey. I uncovered new branding (yet to be announced), further defined my target audience, and found fantastic new network of experts to rely on. I feel more confident in further building my website, handling financials of my business, and communicating to my target market. I look forward to continuing my fashion journey with TFII through the Entrepreneur Program and am thankful to have been included in the first cohort. The Entrepreneur Program is outstanding!

Shabnam Vaezzadeh

FASHION DESIGNER, 2020 participant

a beneficial and resourceful. Knowing that there is a group of people looking to help you, your brand, and the San Antonio community is what makes everything click. If anyone is looking for a way to get started in the San Antonio fashion community, TFII is waiting to help you.

Shelby Hilliard

FASHION DESIGNER, 2020 participant