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The Silver Jacket Entrepreneur Program is designed to take fashion industry entrepreneurs or recent fashion students from their fashion business dream to their fashion business REALITY! Designed through five years of research, analysis, interviews and firsthand experience with entrepreneurs of the Texas fashion industry, this curriculum has been specifically created with launch and accelerator education in mind. For the serious fashion entrepreneur, this year of dedication will change your career forever. The time is NOW!

Read on to learn more and stay tuned for details and application info.


Through our five years of research, we have found that while fashion graduates leave with incredible artistic skills they lack the business education truly needed to monetize on their creativity.

We’re changing that! 


Our annual cycle begins with education for local fashion artists and entrepreneurs that both launches and accelerates businesses. We then bring worldwide awareness and continued education through our global awareness department which has served as the #1 Texas fashion news & high fashion resource in the state since 2014. Finally, our Arts & Culture Department exposes our market to high fashion experiences and showcases these new businesses at the biggest fashion event of the year, Fashion Week SATX. Read below for more details.

silver jacket entrepreneur program

Silver Jacket:
The Launch Stage

Fashion industry individuals are creatives. Your minds work differently. Your passions run deep. We know you don’t care about the hard work and time sacrifice. “Just GIVE ME THE KNOWLEDGE and I will gladly work on my business until 3am!”
We hear you!

The first stage of our curriculum is designed for the realistic, entry level scenario of a newly graduated student or an up and running sole proprietor who may be struggling.

At this stage, you’re alone. You do not have a marketing department, or a public relations department, a graphic design team, or a web developer. You really need an accountant, but you can’t afford it at the moment. You may not even know where to begin with your branding or you may even be at a place where you’d never admit it, but you never made a strong business plan to begin with. 

We got you!

Silver Jacket Launch Stage will set the strongest foundation for your business and the beautiful part of it is, YOU will gain independence. You will learn the skills it takes to run your small business and to maintaining it by yourself until you reach the next level.

Silver Jacket:
The Accelerator Stage

So you now have the knowledge and power to maintain your small business, but you’re growing. You may have even reached a level where you’ve hired your first employees.

Silver Jacket continues.

During our accelerator stage, our partner Maestro Entrepreneur Center guides you on a continued journey to reach your advanced business goals.  

Maestro is excited to provide the accelerator stage of the Silver Jacket curriculum.  Fashion industry community will have a place where small businesses and entrepreneurs can come together and become great leaders. They will have access to those who are empathetic and transparent with their challenges and take advantage of a place where they can keep developing the traits needed to keep advancing. We want these entrepreneurs to be able to look at where they are today, identify a vision, and build the courage and confidence for a better tomorrow.” -Julissa Carielo, Maestro Entrepreneur Center President

Silver Jacket:
The Finale

The culmination of this annual cycle will ultimately lead up to the biggest fashion event of the year, Fashion Week SATX. Come every October, successful entrepreneurs of the program will upgrade their entry level denim jackets for their newly awarded Silver Jackets on stage at the San Antonio Fashion Awards and be deemed the new “Ones-To-Watch” fashion businesses, set to be showcased twice a year through TFII & Maestro’s partnership event, “Ones-To-Watch”.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a relationship with all our Silver Jackets continually so that we can support their positive growth, ultimately serving the entire Texas fashion industry.

Please take a moment and get to know more about our Accelerator Partner, Maestro Entrepreneur Center.


Would you like to support our education department? 100% of your tax deductible charitable donation helps us to serve with our mission in building and strengthening the future of the Texas fashion industry. 

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