The Texas Fashion Industry Initiative is the state’s first official non-profit dedicated to the positive growth to our Texas fashion industry. As one of the main initiatives happening within this non-profit is the revitalization of San Antonio’s garment and manufacturing hub. As part of San Antonio’s colorful history, garment manufacturing was alive and well decades ago, with the likes of brands like Levis producing over $70 million annually of its namesake jeans and Dockers, to name a few. In the early 90’s the San Antonio plant closed, devastating the industry, the local economy and the many lives of the talented women and men who worked in this industry. TFII will be striving to create a new apparel manufacturing ecosystem in an effort to build economic development within this sector and to bring back a cherished piece of our San Antonio history. It strives to bring a new era of fashion production for current initiatives and for future generations of fashion industry dreamers all over Texas and beyond.