TFII Trendsetter Members are entry level fashion community aspiring to achieve professional levels in the fashion industry. Through the Texas Fashion industry Initiative, we strive to connect these future professionals with mentors, resources, education and other networking opportunities to further enhance their dreams. Please meet our aspirational Trendsetter Member below.

Amber is the beautiful and charismatic founder of The Positive Platform. The Positive Platform By Amber serves in creating a space for women to learn tangible ways to improve their personal and/or business life as well as build a community of like minded women who support one another. Amber has also been a body positive model, so she knows first hand what it takes to be leader for a movement, how to practice mental strength, share herself with others and work hard to achieve the “impossible”. Through her modeling she gained experience in print, magazines, commercials and ultimately she won the Curves Model of the Year award. Through her platform, she hopes to inspire and uplift women and serve as a leading example of diversity and encouragement. She is a motivational speaker and strives to teach support as well as practice it every day.

“I’ve been a model and photographer for the past few years and I own 2 businesses out of this wonderful City. I love to support the community to the highest of my capacity and look forward to growing and continuing forward with my businesses and TFII!”

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