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Internationally Recognized Hairdresser & Educator

6 Years Experience
San Antonio, Texas Member

Bobby has been an internationally recognized hairdresser & educator for five years, with a range of impressive accolades proving that he is a Texas force to be reckoned with. Bobby Maloy has cut hair on stage in multiple countries and is an educated stylist who travels all around the world, from Miami to Tokyo, leaving his mark and returning with even more ways to continually encourage standards in the local scene. He has worked with Oribe, Bumble & Bumble, BMAC Scissors, R+Co, Aveda, Privé, and currently Cruxe Brand. He is a three time nominee for Hair Innovator of the Year spanning from 2016, 2017 and 2018 at the San Antonio Fashion Awards and aside from all of this, he also dabbles in photography and videography in his pursuit of creative outlets and ways to show off his craft (seriously, go check out his instagram). Photography, film, abstract expressionism, minimalism, architecture and typography, are just some of his inspirations and outlets that allow him to stand out as a perfectionist hair stylist in the the field. He enjoys recreating haircuts from classic films, but even more so, he enjoys practicing geometrics and architectural aspects in his work. A highly sought after talent, when Bobby isn’t cutting hair, he is educating, continually pushing for the elevation of standards in our market.

“Your hair is the most important (and should be the most expensive) accessory you wear. The quality and integrity of hair is the equivalent of the craftsmanship of a luxury handbag. I plan to continue to educate the next generation of hair dressers. Education is key.”