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Designer & Owner at CRC Manufacturing, LLC

9 Years Experience
San Antonio, Texas Member

Calley was in the Civil Engineering Field with the United States Airforce for 8 years. This incredible veteran is now a Fashion Designer, Technical Designer & Fashion Consultant. She has been in the field for nine years and now runs her company, CRC Manufacturing in San Antonio, Texas. Through her Gerber technology resources, she hopes to foster innovation in the manufacturing culture in Texas and leads the way for initiatives that will help create an ecosystem of creation for our local artists and producers of goods. Services provided include pattern making, grading, sample making, marker making and small run production services for private label brands. They also provide technical design, tech pack development and a host of other services. Calley also holds a Bachelors of Applied Arts & Science and a Bachelors degree in Business Administration & Managment from the University of the Incarnate word. Her well rounded intelligence, attention to work ethic and superior experience make her one of San Antonio’s most valuable resources for her field. She is a strong advocate for the positive growth of the Texas fashion industry because she truly understands the power of knowledge in the field, having quality skills, and strong human resources that can fulfill specific sectors of the industry.

“I work in this field and my business success is dependent on a healthy local industry as well as statewide. Most of my clients are Texans and their success is my passion.”