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Founder of Limatus Bespoke

8 Years Experience
San Antonio, Texas Member

With almost 20 years of experience in custom fit clothing, Devin Castleton continues on as a leader in the bespoke industry. His roots in this industry began in Bangkok, Thailand and from there he grew his knowledge, skills and understanding of field. In 2015, Limatus Bespoke launched in San Antonio, Texas and has achieved triple digit growth in each of the first three years of business. Today, Limatus Bespoke is an award-winning, investor-backed, locally driven, premium custom clothier and continues to lead the way within its genre of fashion.

“What is being built in San Antonio is growing everyday. One of the proudest days of the company this far has been inserting the “Made in San Antonio” labels inside all of our bespoke suits. Now we can represent San Antonio and Texas fashion locally, as well as globally as many of our clients are international and continue to come back to San Antonio for our quality and attention to detail. I’m proud to headquarter here and continue contributing to the economic development of local fashion industry.”