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owner & Founder of Avant Agency Inc.

21+ Years Experience
San Antonio, Texas Member

Diana is the owner and director of her company, Avant Agency Inc. A highly experienced fashion industry professional, Diana has worked as a fashion producer/coordinator for over 20 years. She has produced shows for Seventeen Magazine, Glamour Magazine, as well as produced fashion shows for commercial brands such as Tide Laundry Detergent. She has also served as an international fashion show producer for 8 years taking her Avant Agency Fashion models to Mexico City in partnership with AM Producciones. The fashion shows were aired by Televisa. On the print side of things, she worked as a fashion editor for AMUZE Magazine, and created some incredible work during her time there.

“San Antonio has a unique multicultural and diverse footprint as a destination city with a large Hispanic population. We have a geographic advantage to Mexico and Latin America that gives us a niche in introducing cross cultural influences in fashion and introducing that to the rest of the world! As a resident in San Antonio, I would like to see more of the best of the best fashion designers show us their work in fashion show events. I would like to help retailers -especially those that are small business retailers- have fashion events available to support their healthy growth in light of todays competitive on line market share. I want to support keeping business local and with that, keeping our city flavorfully unique.”