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Makeup Innovator and Owner at The Look by Dora Vera

7 Years Experience
San Antonio, Texas Member

Dora has been a Makeup Artist with for over 8 years with credits under her name like working with major photographers, winning Raw 2013 Makeup Artist of the Year, presenting at 2018 Look Local Night and 2019 Fashion Week SATX™ Beauty Sphere. She launched her company The Look by Dora Vera in 2012 and with her positive attitude and professionalism she constantly looks for ways to grow not only as an artist but personally as well.

“I am extremely passionate about makeup and everything that comes along with it. Learning and growing is a big part of me so to be a part of the growth of my industry in my city is a huge deal! This is an amazing start to what will be the rest of our lives in a city that we love and rep so much!”