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Owner/Educator at Golden Skyy Fashion Design Prep-Studio/Textile & Fashion Designer

23 Years Experience
San Antonio, Texas Member

Golden Skyy has been a fashion designer for over 22 years. After his breakout moment at the 2016 San Antonio Fashion Awards, Golden has seen much success and growth. He rapidly went from a showcased talent to Womenswear Designer of the Year in 2017. He was a nominee in 2018 and continued to pump out work and collections in the years to follow. Among the numerous endeavors he pursues, he saw it fit to share his skills and talents with others and founded his prep-studio, Golden Thimble Fashion Design Prep-Studio this past year. With a velocity of strong work ethic and an eye on international exposure, he recently succeeded in showcasing at Vancouver Fashion Week to rave reviews. He continues to be a strong fashion design talent and a voice for positivity. His ever-present mantra “LOVE WINS” continues to be his leading moto for his business life, art life and personal life. You will find this talent busy at work, creating interesting contemporary garments with superior tailoring and structure. In the local community, if he is not working on his own collections, he will be sharing his ticks of the trade with the youth in search early fashion skills or anyone else seeking to incorporate creativity into a newfound artistic life.

“My goal in education is to make a positive impact in breaking down the basic structure of learning and focus on the core curriculum. This re-engineered method of teaching will allow each student to excel at a much higher pace than your average entry-level student. Education is the fuel that powers a positive future! LOVE WINS.”