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Director of Operations at Limatus Bespoke

4.5 Years Experience
San Antonio, Texas Member

As a former comic book store manager, creativity and imagination run through James Castro’s veins. With an educational background in biology and psychology, James then ventured out to learn about the art of tailoring and suit construction. In 2015, he joined the team at Limatus Bespoke and today, as Director of Operations, his artistic passion, impeccable eye, and diverse education and background, lend themselves to imagining and constructing the best suits for the Limatus Bespoke clientele base. Known for perfectly tailored timeless styles as well as catering to the more fashionably risky, James has earned the namesake of his social media handle @arent_you_that_suit_guy. Today, he strives to be a part of anything that encourages Texas’ fashion industry growth and is an active partner in TFII’s Silver Jacket Entrepreneur Program. James works with the President in constructing and planning the production of the actual Silver Jacket Blazers that the students currently are striving to earn at the Texas Fashion Awards™ during their “Ones To Watch” breakout fashion business moment.

“I’m proud to support the Texas fashion industry because of all the amazing talent that is coming to the forefront. It’s an honor to be lumped in with all the great artists and entrepreneurs and I look forward to seeing what is next for Texas.”