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Publicist and Marketer for Fashion & Lifestyle Brands

21+ Years Experience
San Antonio, Texas Member

A native of San Francisco, Jessica started her career in the 90’s in Los Angeles, California. This luxury and lifestyle brand publicist utilizes technology and digital marketing for her clients and currently brings her savvy and knowledgeable ways to Texas with her company, Jessica Zapatero Communications LLC. Jessica Zapatero Communications LLC, is a multicultural public relations agency based in San Antonio, Texas. They specialize in crafting stories for consumer lifestyle brands, businesses, celebrities, and influencers. Jessica’s company culture deeply believes in women empowerment, and creating deeper connections with audiences through content and lead generation. Her multi-layer client base makes fashion a frequent presence in her daily life as well as professional life. As a TFII member, she brings worldly experience from her LA roots and shares in advocating for a new era of Texas fashion industry.

“I am passionate about the growth of the fashion industry because I have been in the industry for over 20 years. Living in San Antonio after coming from California I see immense potential for manufacturing, design, and overall economic growth. I think San Antonio is a multi-cultural mecca poised to be recognized nationally in the fashion world.”