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Design Director at ES&JM Holdings, LLC

10 Years Experience
San Antonio, Texas Member

Jon-Michael has been a professional menswear stylist for over 9 years. He founded Style byJM – Style Agency in 2011 and was among the first in San Antonio, Texas to truly tap into this style of services and at this caliber. Style by JM offers modern-day ready-to-wear and made-to-order leather goods made in Almansa and Spain using beautiful Italian materials. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, they have seen much success and distribute their products all over the world. His brand has made quite a name for itself among many elite celebrities and high profile clientele. So much so that he is also the founder of The Royal Guard Co, a membership based, luxury style service that shrouds itself in mystery and formal exclusivity. Jon-Michael’s work ethic and taste is impeccable. It won him a Stylist of the Year Nominee title at the San Antonio Fashion Awards not once, not twice, but three times, (2015, 2017, 2019) and he continues to be a leader within this genre, always innovating and seeking new ways to bring style to the lives of his clientele. Along with staying busy at his company, he is also passionate about leaving something behind for the youth or new entrepreneurs of our market, as they will take over the reins someday and continue on with the TFII mission.

“San Antonio (and Texas) is continuing to grow. With fashion professionals moving from major cities, we are in a position to shape our youth as well as those who wish to grow a legitimate portfolio as a creative in the city. I am passionate on educating those who wish to grow a book of business as well as a legitimate stream of income from their passion.”