TFII Trendsetter Members are entry level fashion community aspiring to achieve professional levels in the fashion industry. Through the Texas Fashion industry Initiative, we strive to connect these future professionals with mentors, resources, education and other networking opportunities to further enhance their dreams. Please meet our aspirational Trendsetter Member below.

Style Contributor: Style Lush TV

Fashion Media

Kassandra studied communication arts in Germany, and scored incredible experience as a buying assistant & PR intern in Milan, Italy with Europe’s #1 Distributor of International fashion apparel, ASAP Showroom. Upon her return, she approached Style Lush TV as a student applying for an internship at our Global Awareness Department and quickly found herself joining the Official Team. With her new found study abroad experience, and a series of video editing skills under her belt, she contributes to the mission and recently assisted as a first time production team member for TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ in 2019. Her love for the future of our Texas Fashion Industry is obvious. Kassandra is a natural. A woman made for fashion media and role model confidence. She specializes in bringing awareness to our Texas fashion industry and diverse size advocacy at her online shop Girl Almighty. Like the rest of the team, she is also an on camera personality, contributes to SLTV social media and will be an active staff member in the Global Awareness Department’s pivotal year in 2020. She is amazing!

“I am so beyond grateful to TFII. My team inspires me to be better and always reach for the stars. Thank you a million times for trusting in me, teaching me, and giving me this amazing opportunity to not only grow within myself but to help the growth of our community and beyond. I love SLTV and our TFII team with my entire heart! Here’s to the future 🥳”