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Owner, Twirl Salon & Twirl Salon Austin

11+ Years Experience
San Antonio, Texas Member

Lisa Weller has been a hairdresser for over 11 years. She is the owner of one of San Antonio’s most prominent and popular hair salons, TWIRL Salon. TWIRL has gained a strong reputation as the modern day beauty shoppe, offering elite services in hair, makeup and skin. Lisa Weller, the powerhouse. A beauty cultivator: inside and out, owner and mentor at TWIRL and local role model for many entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, has worked for Bumble & Bumble and pursued her career in fashion and editorial hairdressing. It was during that time she learned invaluable skills and forged many relationships that were key to her current success. Today, she spends her time traveling the world, working on celebrities and taking part in elite Fashion Weeks including Paris, New York, Milan and London. In 2018, TWIRL celebrated their ten year anniversary and she won Hair Innovator of the Year at the San Antonio Fashion Awards. In 2019, TWIRL expanded to Austin, Texas with Twirl – ATX, continues to see great success and sets the trends with Lisa’s curation of coveted hair accessories. She considers education the cornerstone of any positive growth and so, working for her is like working with a caring educator, looking after your career and making sure you hone your skills. It’s true, Lisa can work anywhere she desires, but she chooses Texas because she believes in the market and stands tall to represent it.

“Positive growth reflects to the World a positive image that all of us can benefit from. I don’t want to have to explain to the outside Fashion community why I choose to live in Texas, I want it to be obvious! I am rooting for everyone because it inspires me to try harder and get better to see others doing the same in my own city and state.”