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Streetwear Designer, Fashion Artist & Creative Director at Marcos Orlando® LLC

9 Years Experience
Corpus Christi, Texas Member

Marcos was born and raised and currently resides in Corpus Christi, TX. He has had an extensive career as a creative which started with producing experimental music and sampling. He has created clothing lines, brands and concepts for different projects including Pillbox®, a retail exhibition, which was featured in 2019 during Fashion Week SATX™ -Fashion is Art. He founded Underground Fashion House® showcasing original niche brands, art gallery, and soundtracks by Marcos Orlando®. He recently launched Design House® production studio in 2019 for visuals, content, and fabrications for Underground Fashion House® + outside brands.

“Texas has the resources, real estate, talent and culture. Creative collaboration, culture integration, and economic development, I look forward to helping our Texas fashion industry grow through these movements and I am proud to stand with TFII to represent industry and our professional Texas fashion scene.”

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