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Fashion Writer/Editor

25+ Years Experience
San Antonio, Texas Member

Michael has been in the business over 25 years as a Fashion Journalist and Reporter. He has worked for publications like the Los Angeles Times, Dallas Times Herald, El Paso Herald-Post, and the San Antonio Express-News, where he ultimately retired.

“You could say that I’m the Accidental Fashionista because I fell into fashion on a whim by an editor at the Los Angeles Times. She sent me to New York, Milan and Paris because she wanted to send a curious reporter. And it was that curiosity that has kept me in fashion for all these years, calling up my curiosity to learn why fashion even exists.
And here’s why it does: fashion is emotional, fashion is funny, fashion is rebellious, fashion is a sport, fashion is intellectual, fashion is passionate, fashion is a crime, fashion segregates, fashion unites, fashion is democratic, fashion inspires. Fashion gives voice. And I believe that’s what TFII will strive to do: give fashion in Texas a big voice because as it is often said, everything is big in Texas.”