TFII Trendsetter Members are entry level fashion community aspiring to achieve professional levels in the fashion industry. Through the Texas Fashion industry Initiative, we strive to connect these future professionals with mentors, resources, education and other networking opportunities to further enhance their dreams. Please meet our aspirational Trendsetter Member below.

Owner of ELSEWEAR Cosmetics

Makeup Innovator/Business Entrepreneur

Mildred is an aspiring entrepreneur who recently launched her very first cosmetics line. The inspiration behind this career path came from a desire to lift her aunt’s spirits up during her battle with cancer. From there, she leaped forward into building a cosmetics line that could be worn by anyone, but particularly supports those in need of emotional support. Through this innovative approach, she hopes to touch more people’s lives and uplift others in sharing the joy of makeup.

“I am a first generation student, plus-size, African American Woman. I have traits and characteristics that place me in a lane that others would find as a disadvantage. It’s a journey to fall in love with yourself, but once you reach that point, you are unstoppable. As far as I see it, I am my biggest fan. It is my hope that my company will spread positivity through the beauty industry. The work I do is dedicated to anyone who doesn’t feel like they are pretty enough, smart enough, or those who feel like they don’t look the part”. I belong. You belong. We all belong. It is our time to showcase our unique selves for the world to see.”

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