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Pam Lutrell has been Fashion Influencer for Woman 50+ for over 10 years. She has been in the communications industry since 1975 and has a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Texas in Austin. Since then has enjoyed a fruitful career as a blogger, marketing consultant, editor in chief of magazines and currently is the Associate Director Of Communications at The University of Texas at San Antonio. As an influencer, she has served as a leader for the underrepresented age bracket of 50+ in fashion and proves that this genre of consumer is not only beautiful but incredibly valid in the world of style and substance. She has pioneered movements, brought awareness to this demographic and continues to be an important voice for equality, understanding, support and positivity for women 50+. Due to her advocacy, she was awarded a spot as one of the Top 15 Fashion and Beauty Blogs for Women Over 50 by Feedspot and continues to be a leader within this global community. Through her efforts, she hopes to inspire, and support continual education.

“I am passionate about assisting careers in fashion, especially journalism and strive to continue to open and grow opportunity, particularly in San Antonio. This creative, thriving community needs a strong fashion representation! I hope to support all efforts and continue blogging in order to inspire woman over 50 to look and feel their best every day!”