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Pricilla began jewelry designing when she made her class ring in High School. Since then, she has spent her current years as the Chief Creative Officer, Designer, Creator and Jewelry Maker for her contemporary brand Joyarte Jewelry Couture. With the success of this brand, this past year she expanded into luxury couture jewelry with Priscilla Laurel. As a former ballerina who draws her inspirations from art, music and dance, Joyarte and Priscilla Laurel have experienced incredible success. Her pieces regularly grace the red carpets of Hollywood and have been seen on the necks of celebrities like, Kimmy Gatewood of Netflix Glow, Caitlin O’Conner; Oscar’s attendees Julia Jackson and Erin Robinson and Natalia Fedner of Project Runway Under the Gunn. Her jewelry has also been worn by singer Judy Torres on the “I Don’t” CD cover and featured at Fashion Weeks in New York, Boston, Seattle, & San Antonio. She was a 2018 Nominee for Jewelry & Accessories of the Year at the San Antonio Fashion Awards and is currently working on her much anticipated new Priscilla Laurel collection, coming soon.

“I would love to give back to the community by sharing my art, inspiring my followers, and mentoring new talent to explore their natural gifts. I will defend and advocate our position for progressive artistic growth in Texas and I will be a positive voice for the fashion community in a city that is still awakening to amazing fashion possibilities, thus contributing to the Texas fashion industry as a whole.”