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Founder and Executive Director of Revolution Thrift, Founder of Ethical Network of San Antonio

6 Years Experience
San Antonio, Texas Member

Rachel is the Founder and Executive Director of Revolution Thrift. Revolution Thrift was founded in 2016 based on a desire to serve the San Antonio, Texas area. Rachel envisioned a local thrift store that would donate 100% of its profits to local charities in the community.  After a year of fundraising, yard sales, and paperwork, the store opened its doors in November of 2017. Located in central San Antonio, the goal of Revolution Thrift is to provide a way for residents to support high impact, life changing charities in the community. She also serves as a founder and board member for The Ethical Network, a Texas non-profit organization that brings together ethically minded businesses and individuals and leads the movement for sustainability advocacy.

“The Texas fashion community is made up of a diverse group of individuals. As an advocate for ethical and sustainable fashion, I am excited to be a part of TFII and its mission for connecting everyone involved in the fashion community, which in turn makes us all stronger.”