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Luxury Couture Miliner and owner at Rosa Isela.

11 Years Experience
San Antonio, Texas Member

In a small studio located in an upscale high rise in northern San Antonio, TX is an artist who is keeping an old tradition alive. Rosa Isela is a Milliner. She is a part of a unique group of designers that designs and manufactures hats and custom headpieces. Using an old world technique utilizing European hat blocks and water vapor, the artistry that comes from this designer imagination has stirred up consistent buzz and is now seeing a surge of success. Rosa is a Mexican designer from San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco and has resided in San Antonio, Texas since 2008. After studying fashion design she soon realized that clothing didn’t provide her enough of an outlet to fulfill her creative needs. One day in 2016, she had an idea. It was that idea that turned into her continued education in millinery techniques. Ever since then she has been churnning out one creative work of art after another. She explains finally finding millinery as a creative outlet as “the same as finding your soulmate” and day after day, new clientele line up to purchase her couture creations. In 2019, Rosa showcased at Fashion Week SATX™ and won Accessories Designer of the Year at the San Antonio Fashion Awards. Since then, she has been booked solid with orders and continues to push for the artistry in Texas!

“I just love everybody’s creativity. I love how we all express ourselves with Art and I love getting to know everyone’s world through the mind of an artist. Us artists wouldn’t be able to share our art with the world if it weren’t for this industry and organizations like this! I love being part of something big like TFII!”