TFII Trendsetter Members are entry level fashion community aspiring to achieve professional levels in the fashion industry. Through the Texas Fashion industry Initiative, we strive to connect these future professionals with mentors, resources, education and other networking opportunities to further enhance their dreams. Please meet our aspirational Trendsetter Member below.

NuEve, LLC, Owner, 2 years

Retail & Design

Sara Kluss is the owner of NuEve, LLC. NuEve specializes in stylish vintage inspired, maternity friendly clothing. Owner and head designer Sara Kluss, hopes to cater to a market of vintage loving moms-to-be, offering unique pieces that are comfortable but still maintain style and personality. 

“I’m passionate about the positive growth of our fashion industry because it will encourage those who are wanting to start a business in fashion to do it and it will be a tremendous advantage for those who are already working in the industry to grow and support one another. From a financial perspective it will filter money into our local economy to provide more resources to help grow the fashion industry.”