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Owner of The Perfect Shirt, menswear bespoke clothing store owner

4 Years Experience
San Antonio, Texas Member

Sarah is the Proprietor and Merchant Tailor of The Perfect Shirt. The Perfect Shirt is a custom bespoke tailor company born in San Antonio, Texas. They offer a variety of custom shirt and suiting options for the everyday man designed with you and for you. The Perfect Shirt is making custom shirts and suits the norm and expectation in today’s menswear. Fittings are completely individualized to meet the customer’s specific needs. With over 300 options in fabric choice, including luxurious brands like Thomas Mason or Cancilini, and unlimited personalized touches, offering an unmatched custom experience. Sarah has been in love with fashion from a very young age, in fact, in runs in her blood. Her great x 5 grandfather worked at the Menger Hotel in Downtown San Antonio as a tailor during the time Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders rode through the Alamo City. “Menswear has always been at the back of mind as my grandmother retold family stories of her Great Grandfather and Teddy Roosevelt.”, says Sarah. Today, menswear has evolved into a more tailored and custom style with more and more men easing into custom garments as accessibility increases. Sarah is very passionate about menswear and is excited about the growing trend for tailored menswear nationwide, including San Antonio, TX.

“Bespoke clients can range from the everyday gentleman to business leaders to music influencers. The future for bespoke menswear is endless and expanding offerings and finishings are the forefront.”