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Sho Whitener Non Profit Organization / Executive Fashion Director

4 Years Experience
San Antonio, Texas Member

Sho Whitener is a Baltimore native. After being medically discharged from the military as a disabled vet, she used fashion for rehabilitation and obtained a degree in fashion design. She soon realized however that many around her who graduate in the creative fields do not pursue their career due to a lack of opportunity. She also witnessed countless times, mentors and professors encouraging individuals to leave their hometown in order to be valid or obtain true success. Sho does not believe that you have to be scooted out of your own hometown in pursuit of fashion industry success. Because of this, she created a non-profit and is now the Executive Fashion Director. Her non-profit seeks out to encourage Texans to pursue their fashion (and creative field) dreams. The organization is all about inspiring, motivating and giving college students opportunity. It is her mission to give college students the work experience they need before they leave college so that they can provide opportunity for those who dare to pursue their passion in Texas. As a woman with fabulous style herself, she is currently also the owner of a style-shop online that offers statement making eyewear and accessories.

“The growth of the Texas Fashion Industry will give truth to power that creativity is everywhere not just in New York. Fashion can thrive wherever it’s afforded the chance. I believe that Texas is a hidden and untapped breeding ground for the next big move in Fashion. Texas is not just the biggest state for nothing. The bigger the state the more creatives. Texas is Fashion and I look forward to playing a major role in helping it to become the next fashion Mecca of the United States.”