The Silver Jacket Entrepreneur Program

The Silver Jacket Program is designed to take a recent fashion student, brand new fashion business or struggling fashion entrepreneur from their fashion business concept to their fashion business LAUNCH! This 12-week curriculum walks fashion artists, students and entrepreneurs through the many steps it takes to create a solid entry level foundation before launching your business. Before you can hire people, you’re on your own, so this curriculum is designed for the realistic, entry level scenario of a sole proprietor needing to wear the many hats it takes to get started on the entrepreneur journey.


- to be a newly graduated fashion student, someone starting a brand new fashion business or a current struggling fashion entrepreneur.

- to be able to dedicate 2-3 hours a week at weekly session with instructors and co-facilitators.

- to be able to dedicate up to 15 hours per week, on your own outside of program sessions.

- a laptop that can run graphic design software, accounting software and other software that will aid in building your business. (MAC Preferred).

- photoshop. (Please specify in application if you do not currently have photoshop. Should you be chosen for the program, we will help you acquire this software.)

- QuickBooks. (Make sure it is compatible for your laptop. There are different versions for PC and MAC. MAC preferred.) (Please specify in application if you do not currently have QuickBooks. Should you be chosen for the program, we will help you acquire this software.)

- a jean jacket.

- to commit to attend and actively participate in all 12 consecutive sessions.

- to commit to attend (and be featured) at TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ in October.


12 consecutive weeks (11 sessions & 1 graduation ceremony/showcase)

2020 DATES:

March 2020 – May 2020 / Featured Break-Out Business at TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ October 2020






up to 20 students


$50 non-refundable fee (Should you be chosen for the program this will be added to your tuition. Total cost being $599. Not $649.)


$599 ($199 non-refundable deposit to hold your slot once you are awarded an opportunity to become a 2020 Silver Jacket. Payment Options available for your balance.)  


Sessions are taught by carefully curated, successful business owners who are experts in their field and will offer exclusive insider advice and resources on how to grow your business. These professionals have a proven track record of continually growing their company and have demonstrated a true passion for helping you, the next generation of fashion businesses in Texas.


All sessions will be held at Maestro Entrepreneur Center on 1811 S. Laredo St. in San Antonio, TX 78207. 


Free, safe parking onsite for participants in the program.


2-3 hours a week at session with instructors and co-facilitators. Homework time = up to 15 hours per week, on your own.


in person workshops. (online options not available.)


All graduates will wear custom made, tailored and locally created Silver Jackets. To be awarded on stage at the San Antonio Fashion Awards at TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ in October. They support local business at around $300 average. Payment option available.


  • Business Launch Prep Section 1: The Brand – Start off right with brand basics and a clear vision for your company long term.
  • Business Launch Prep Section 2: The Legal – An overview of the legal considerations relating to business in general and the fashion industry in particular, including discussions about branding and trademarking, creating a legal entity as a company, and treacherous contract terms.
  • Business Launch Prep Section 3: The Money – Crash course in QuickBooks, gain accounting knowledge, build a customer profile and more.
  • Business Launch Prep Section 4: The Graphic Design – Photoshop basics so you never have to wait on favors again.
  • Business Launch Prep Section 5: The Website – You will build your website and learn how to maintain it – by yourself.
  • Business Launch Prep Section 6: The Marketing – Gain marketing basics, build stronger social media, online strategies and more.
  • Business Launch Prep Section 7: The Public Relations – Learn how to write a press release and receive an email list of press to contact. Also learn how to communicate to media correctly and more professionally. Get their attention the right way.
  • Business Launch Celebration: Ones-To-Watch Event, hosted by the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative and Maestro Entrepreneur Center.
  • Have your Break-Out-Business Moment at TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ in October – You and your business will be featured at the city’s official fashion week and be awarded your Silver Jacket on stage at the San Antonio Fashion Awards™.

Deadline to apply
February 27th, 5pm


Should you need more information, please submit your inquiry via our website Contact Page. Someone will contact you shortly after.


As a Silver Jacket we strive to support your ongoing success. Upon completion of the Silver Jacket sessions, a successful business launch and several months of sales data, you will have exclusive opportunity to move onto the Maestro Accelerator Program. This is highly encouraged. MEC Cohort Program runs Aug. 25th-Nov. 10th and will serve as your next step into building a strong fashion business. 

The Maestro’s Entrepreneurship 12 Week Cohort Program is an intensive accelerator program for small businesses. The program is taught by successful business owners sharing their expert advice on how to grow your business. 

It is important to launch, but equally as important to accelerate. We look forward to this new era of Texas fashion industry advocacy and can not wait for your 2020!

Good Luck to everyone.

Deadline to apply
February 27th, 5pm

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Thank you for all the applications. We have concluded our reviews and are excited to announce that the official 2020 Silver Jackets have been chosen and successfully contacted. Stay tuned to Style Lush TV to learn more about them and to support their fashion business journey. 

To inquire more about opportunity for class of 2021, please feel free to reach out. See you at TEXAS FASHION WEEK™.