TFII Trendsetter Members are entry level fashion community aspiring to achieve professional levels in the fashion industry. Through the Texas Fashion industry Initiative, we strive to connect these future professionals with mentors, resources, education and other networking opportunities to further enhance their dreams. Please meet our aspirational Trendsetter Member below.

Saige is an aspiring fashion photographer with a love for fashion media who is currently Active Duty with our United States Air Force. She recently stumbled upon her talent for fashion photography when she casually partnered with a local blogger to test her new camera. One snap of the button and she was hooked. Fashion would be an area of focus within her artform and now she pursues fashion photography and fashion media in order to support the positive growth of fashion industry in San Antonio and Texas. In 2020, she acquired an opportunity with Style Lush TV through the TFII Trendsetter Mentorship Opportunity to work within her area of aspiration. Shortly after, the team was smitten and she was contracted to be their first and official in-house fashion photographer. She is currently with Style Lush TV and plans to continue to use her talents for the greater good of the TFII mission.

“The growth of the fashion industry directly relates to the growth of San Antonio. This industry supports the creatives of San Antonio and strengthens our diverse city through showcasing all cultures and styles. I look forward to contributing to that growth through my photography for San Antonio and for the great state of Texas through TFII.”